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June 9, 2016, 7:52 PM


There is a unique word in out passage for today. Antichrists. In verse 18, John says “many antichrists have come.” The term he uses is “Antichristos”.

Often times, when someone mentions the word 'antichrist' they are referring to the end times. But, here John says that many antichrists have already come, and he was writing way before our time. John is making a very important point here by using this term. We often think of the antichrist with great horror. But, there are many individuals and entities that are anti-christ. We should view those individuals and entities with the same contempt. 

Instead, we buy into and consume much of what they try to sell to us. Think of the music that we listen to and the movies that we watch. How much of the entertainment in our culture comes from a world view that is anti-christ? How much of the entertainment in our culture openly promotes a stance that is blatantly anti-christ? Perhaps, our entire mindset is anti-christ. 

Now, before you write this off as a anti-rock n' roll rant, let me explain myself. One Wednesday night, a girl was in the youth room and singing the song “Strawberry Wine.”  I asked her about the song and she said it was one of her favorites. I was surprised because I remembered when the song being new when I was in Jr. High School. So I asked her about the lyrics and why she liked a song about an under aged girl having premarital sex with someone she never sees again. The girl was speechless and agreed that maybe the song wasn't so good after all, but the tune was still catchy. 

While it is impossible to get away from sin in this world, we must be more aware. Worldviews that are anti-christ and pro-sin can seep into our daily lives so easily. We can even begin to like those things. We can even begin to agree with those things. We must realize that every time we consume parts of our culture that are anti-christ, we are one step closer to living anti-christ. We must also realize that the more we consume those things, the more those things will be produced. Buying a song that is anti-christ is like asking the artist to make more songs that are anti-christ. It is no wonder how a culture can be swayed so quickly. 

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