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December 7, 2016, 7:12 PM

Christmas Brings Hope

As we wind our way down the broken road toward Christmas, one thing should be noted: God never uses perfect people. That is good news, because none of us are perfect people. What we need is the hope on one who is, and that is exactly what Christmas represents. 

Today we look at Ruth's story. Ruth had some major issues. But, for some reason God chose to include Ruth in his line to the Messiah. Maybe you can identify with some of her struggles.

Ruth was a widow. This in itself is not what made Ruth imperfect, but it does clue us in on some of her struggles. Ruth knew the pain of losing her husband. Ruth understood the fear that it brings. Ruth was a widow in a day and time when being a widow left women exposed and vulnerable. Ruth understood heartache.

Ruth was an outsider. She was a Moabite in a country that despised Moabites. The phrase: “We don't want your kind around here” was something that she more than likely heard at some point in her life. Ruth was the wrong kind of person.  

Ruth was helpless. We find her picking up the left over grain in the fields. This was not a path to prosperity. It was a life of desperation. A life of questioning what will happen to me next. Ruth lived a life of uncertainty.   

Maybe you know the pain of heartache. Maybe you feel like you are the wrong kind of person. Maybe you are living in a season of doubt and uncertainty. There is hope. 

For all that would make Ruth an unlikely great, great…grandmother of Jesus; Ruth was a woman of certain hope. At the lowest point, Ruth turned her hope to Jesus. With her statement to Naomi of “your God will be my God,” Ruth put her trust and hope in the living power of the God of Israel. Ruth placed her hope in a coming Messiah, and God brought her into the family of His Son. 

Ruth finds the same hope in Christmas that you and I can find today. Just as God brought her into the family that would birth His Son; God adopts us as sons and daughters through the death & resurrection of His Son. All we must do is follow Ruth's example and place our trust and hope in that same Messiah.  

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