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February 11, 2017, 7:41 PM

Kevin Taylor

Today we have a special guest with us, Kevin Taylor. Kevin is here as a potential full-time Youth Minister. Kevin is from Warren, AR, and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Monticello. He will be sharing his testimony and passion for youth ministry with us during the sermon time today. 

Two things really impressed me about Kevin during the interview. The first thing was that he seemed to be an open book. He was very honest. Shared about his successes and his failures, but he didn't stop there. He shared about what he had learned from each situation. During the three hour interview, he never dodged a question. Even if he didn't have the perfect answer, he answered the question directly and honestly. Not many people interviewing for a ministry position are willing to do that.   

The second thing I noticed was that he seemed to be a very genuine person that truly cared about people. This was evident in his stories about reaching out to the shiest kid in the youth group. But, it was also evident in his stories about challenging the most popular kids in the group to be all that they could be. 

Here is an excerpt from Kevin's Resume about his vision for youth ministry:

My vision for student ministry is first and foremost, to see students come to know Jesus as their Savior. That is what my ministry will always be about. I believe that if we, as a church, do not reach the next generation, then the future of the church is very dark. My vision is to build up a student ministry where students are passionate about Jesus. I want the students to be excited about coming to church on Wednesday nights. I want the student ministry to be energetic, passionate, and faithful. I want to build up a student ministry that long after I have gone, the ministry is still thriving and changing student's lives.

I believe it is always more important to find the right person to fill a ministry position, than it is to find a person. I feel very strongly that Kevin is the right person for our church and this position. 

-Bro. Josh

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