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September 17, 2015, 11:14 AM

Sin & Evil

Last week, we addressed the issue of Sin and Evil. Where does it come from? What should we do with it? This week, we are kind of looking at the same issue but from the other side. What does God really want from us. I would contend that God wants something from us that we often are unwilling to give. God wants our obedience. 

As we examine obedience, there is an often overlooked problem with the way we treat sin. There are several obviously wrong ways to deal with sin. Ignoring it is an obviously wrong way to deal with it. Making excuses is an obviously wrong way to deal with it. Embracing sin is obviously wrong as well. At least, we should recognize these as obviously wrong ways to deal with sin. It seems as though we live in a culture that is becoming more and more comfortable with addressing sin in these ways.  But, there is at least one subtly wrong way to deal with sin. It is a trap that we often fall into as Christians. That trap is one of asking the wrong question. 

Often times when we are deciding to move forward with an action, we ask “Is there anything wrong with it?” While this seems like we are doing our due diligence as Christians, it is really leaving Christ out of our decision making process. While it seems like we are trying to avoid doing wrong, it really leads us down a dangerous path. This question results in us drawing fine lines (that are often arbitrary and adjustable) between which actions are right and which actions are wrong. When we get comfortable living on the line between sin and sanctification, we are in a dangerous place spiritually.  This question misses the biggest point of scripture. The point is not that sin is bad, but that God is so great. I hope that you can see how this question draws us closer to sin. The question we should be asking is “Does this draw me closer to God?” 

We often think of fine lines separating righteousness and sin. But, the bible paints a different picture. The Bible uses the word repent, which literally means “turn around”. Basically, the Bible presents it in this manner. You are either heading toward God and leaving sin behind; or you are heading toward sin and leaving God behind. 

I urge you to start asking the right question.  

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