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June 17, 2017, 4:44 PM

Who is Jesus - The Book of John

Today we start a summer long journey though the book of John. We are going to approach this sermon series a little different than ones in the past. What I really want to try to do is bridge what I call the gap between Sunday and Monday. I want to make this sermon series a take home event for your family. So, to do that, we are going to try to engage our church body with the Word of God in several different ways. 

In a 24/7 economy and a technology driven world, we have both the challenge and opportunity to engage the church body in several different way. I say challenge because on any given Sunday we have church members all over the United States. I say we have the opportunity because technology gives us the ability to be connected all the time. So here are some of the ways that we will try to stay connected this summer:

1.) Blogs...  Blog is really just a fancy way to say that we will be writing out some of the sermons instead of preaching them. Through Facebook and our church website ( we will be putting out short devotional thoughts or typed out sermons on different parts of the book of John. This will allow us to cover more ground in the short time span of summer. I also hope that it will allow us to study the Bible on a more regular basis as a church. 

2.) Question Box... I have placed a question box in the foyer area. Maybe you have questions about a certain passage that didn't get answered in a sermon. Maybe you have questions about how something from one sermon affects another part of the Bible. Maybe you are struggling with something and are looking for answers from scripture. So fill out a question card and put it into the box. You can also email me your question. We will work through them the best we can. We will post an answer, but keep the question anonymous.

3.) Transparency... You might be thinking that transparencies are old technology, but that isn't what I mean. One of the things that I think widens the gap between Sunday and Monday is that we don't let our real life and our spiritual life have honest conversations with each other. I always want to model the effort to be honest about the areas of life where I struggle to let the way I believe dictate the way I live. We can't effectively engage the scriptures until we are willing to honestly engage them. 

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